Artist  Biography

Education  1968-67 Laguna Beach School of Art and Design Scholarship

                   Studied with artists Tim Horn, Peggi Kroll Roberts , and Marsha             





Marin Open Studios  2014-2016  San Anselmo, CA

Graton Gallery   December 2015  Graton, CA

Marin Society of Artists  February 2016  San Rafael, CA

Graton Gallery  March 2016  Graton, CA

Marin County Fair 2016  Honorable Mention  Marin County, CA

STUDIO Gallery 2016 San Francisco

Sweetie’s Art Bar 2016 San Francisco


Painting for me is an ongoing exploration into the possibilities of expressing myself, its a learning curve so challenging and endless that I am completely captivated. There is bliss in those moments when I am so completely absorbed I’m unaware of the time going by, a form of meditation.  I have a deep and abiding love of nature and work to bring the connection I feel with all of nature onto my canvas.  Painting helps me to see in a broader way, opens doors of perception to me in my exterior and interior worlds.  I spend as much time as possible plein air painting so that when I am in the studio that freshness and the information gathered while in nature can inform the work that I do there.